Rezoning Update

Since the neighborhood that Crow Hill Community Association serves sits in the middle of the area covered by the Department of City Planning’s Crown Height’s West rezoning proposal, the Association chose to take a leadership role in bringing this issue to our community.

On April 16th we devoted our general meeting to two issues that could potential change the face of development in Crow Hill: CHCA’s proposal for Landmark’s designation  and the Crown Heights West rezoning proposal.  We created a poll that was distributed at the meeting and on line.  We had 29 poll responses returned from the meeting and 66 from the on-line version.  The response was basically 75% in favor of rezoning and 80% in favor of landmarking. (View poll results.)

On May 9th CHCA presented at the CB8 meeting held to address the re-zoning and based on community feedback, we gave our support to the plan.  We also felt it was important to speak to the comments and concerns that we heard voiced by the community, below is the full CHCA statement: Continue reading

Poll: Landmarking and Rezoning in Crown Heights

We are conducting an informal poll to gain an understanding of how the community feels about the landmarking and rezoning. Please let us know how you feel about these important issues.

If you already filled out the poll and handed it in at the last meeting your opinion has been counted, please DO NOT take the poll again.


More information on landmarking and rezoning.

Results as of May 18, 2013
Screen shot 2013-05-18 at 2.31.50 PM

Comments submitted through the poll
Identifying information omitted.

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Crow Hill Historic District Landmarking Proposal


Screen shot 2013-05-18 at 1.39.38 PMOver the years, Crow Hill Community Association has been working to educate the community on the many benefits landmark status can bring to a neighborhood.

We have urged interested community members to submit Requests for Evaluation on their own and over the years we have collected and submitted many requests as well. As our membership grows and our neighborhood flourishes, we have more resources to put towards achieving landmark status.

Below is our proposal submitted to the Landmarks and Preservation Commission highlighting buildings of note in our district.

Proposal to Landmarks and Preservation Commission for a Crow Hill HIstoric District
Part 1: Map of proposed district

Proposal to Landmarks and Preservation Commission for a Crow Hill Historic District
Part 2: Buildings of note

Landmarking and Rezoning Meeting

Help guide the future of our community.

We will be presenting information on both the Crow Hill Community Association (CHCA) landmarks effort and City Planning’s proposed zoning changes.

Landmarking_Rezoning_postcardfrontThis meeting is being held for you to understand these issues, which affect our community.

Tuesday, April 16, 7 PM
St. Teresa Church basement
563 Sterling Pl. at Classon Ave.

In May, there will be a public meeting on the re-zoning proposal after which Community Board 8 will make their formal response to City Planning.

We will also be presenting a brief wrap-up of our March Town Hall at the beginning of this meeting; stay tuned for our second Town Hall in May.

We need volunteers

We’re in desperate need of volunteers to help us get the word out by posting signs on corners and handling out flyers to peple in the neighborhood. If you can spare 30 minutes of any day from April 11 – 15, email

More information:

March 23 Town Hall Meeting Summary


On Saturday, March 23, 2013 both old and new residents gathered together for Crow Hill Community Association’s (CHCA) first town hall meeting in the auditorium of PS 22. Overall, the meeting drew approximately 220 people, surpassing organizers’ expectations and reflecting the current energy throughout the neighborhood.

Organizers also noted, however, that while there was diversity amongst the attendees, the meeting’s demographics in terms of race and length of residency did not truly reflect the neighborhood.  So more intense outreach to members of the community who were underrepresented on the 23rd will become an even higher priority for future meetings.

To open the meeting,  a photo montage played on the overhead projection screen showing Crow Hill (the Crown Heights neighborhood stretching from Eastern Parkway to Atlantic Avenue between Franklin and Bedford which has been at the center of conversations around gentrification) at the turn of the century to present day, and a local fiddler entertained the crowd.

CHCA members, Nick Juravich (of the ILoveFranklinAve blog) and local merchant Garnett Alcindor (co-owner of Taste Buds) welcomed the community explaining that the meeting had been called because business as usual was no longer working in Crow Hill and more people needed to get involved.  They explained that all types of issues could be discussed including the positive and negative aspects of gentrification. It was also emphasized that all parties were encouraged to speak openly and honestly.

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CHCA Meeting Minutes: September 2012

The meeting of the Crow Hill Community Association was held on September 18, 2012, 7:30 PM at The Gospel Tabernacle Church, 725 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

In attendance: 30

  • Vice President Stacey Sheffey opens the meeting and welcomes attendees.
  • Summer activities in the neighborhood:
    • The 5th Annual Kids Day was a huge success, with waterslides, face-painting, popcorn, cotton candy, and lots of happy kids and adults from across the neighborhood. See some great photos – are linked to on our website.
    • The Landmarks Preservation Committee has voted to create the Park Place Historic District between Bedford and Franklin Avenues.  CHCA began its landmarking effort in 2008 and this is the first portion of our community to gain landmark status. You can learn more of the history of the block on our website.
    • Art Not Arrests held art classes over the summer for kids in the neighborhood — dance, music, instrument making, theater, painting, creative writing, drawing, and more — and donated the money raised over the year to the SOS program.
    • Franklin Avenue Merchants received an honorable mention in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Greenest Block in Brooklyn competition for Franklin Avenue between Park Place and Sterling Place.
    • Green Market was held every Sat. At the Walt Shamel Community garden on Dean St between Franklin and Bedford Still going every Saturday 8am- 2pm until October 27.
  • Walter Mosely, newly elected assemblyman, on quality of life issues in the neighborhood:
    • A bus and bike lane will be added to Franklin Ave. The two car lanes on the avenue may become one. The goal is to make the avenue more safe for everybody on the road.
    • Looking into the speed bump on Prospect Pl. which is currently too big due to the pavement sinking.
    • Tree guards have been added to Sterling Pl. between New York and Nostrand Ave.
  • Jonathan Butler, Brooklyn resident, is starting a project at 1000 Dean St. between Franklin and Classon Ave.
    • A space will be created for small businesses and artists, which will hopefully be open in spring 2013.
    • The ground floor of the building will be turned into a restaurant for small food businesses looking to graduate from the Brooklyn Flea into a space of their own.
    • 25-30 positions will be available in the restaurant, and they will be working with Crow Hill to hire from within the community.
    • A space will be available to rent for events, and the space may be available for use in the afternoons for community events.
  • Mike Perry, a local artist, is opening a three-month community exhibition called Wandering Around Wondering. Learn more.
    • If you know of a wall that would be available for a mural, contact
    • Looking into making connections with schools to do murals or have art workshops for local classes.
  • Rene Collymore, assembly female district leader
    • Interested in setting up a Franklin Ave. farm stand.
    • Running a civics program for children in middle schools, looking for volunteers.
    • Contact: 917-353-2990,
  • A representative Tish James’ office: On Sept. 19 there will be a meeting on the landmark status of Park Pl.
  • CB8 is hosting an e-waste collection on Saturday, Sept. 22 in front of the Childrens Museum Saturday 10 – 5pm

Portion of Crow Hill Landmarked

We are thrilled to announce that Landmarks Preservation Committee has voted to create the Park Place Historic District.  CHCA began its landmarking effort in 2008 and this is the first portion of our community to gain landmark status as a result,  We continue to work towards landmarking more of the community.  Below is LPC’s description of the district.

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Public Safety:
Without being alarmist, we want people to continue to be aware of crime in the community: there was an attempted rape this past month on a Sunday, at 10:30 p.m. at 679 Sterling Place (between Franklin & Bedford Avenue). The victim was unable to give a description of the man because he approached her from behind and she didn’t see his face. Please be alert when you are on the street, especially when you are entering your vestibules.
Burglaries are still up, it is critical that we keep our windows locked, especially those on fire escapes.

Intake Center at the Armory:
A brief update from CBAAR (Coalition for Bedford/Atlantic Armory Reform)
The news regarding the Bedford Atlantic Armory is both good and bad. We have been in contact with the new Commissioner for the Department of Homeless Services: Seth Diamond. In response to our queries he has said that there are no immediate plans to open the intake center for single homeless men at the Bedford Atlantic Armory shelter. However when the intake center at Bellevue closes, the city still intends to open the intake center at the Armory.
We are holding the city off but we must remain vigilant and continue to oppose the intake center. We have requested that DHS keep us informed about the status of the intake center. However there is no guarantee they will do this. Right now and for the foreseeable future, it is imperative that each of us keep an eye on the shelter and report any changes back to us

November Elections
EVERYONE MUST VOTE: This is the most important community effort that you can make in November! It is crucial to the work that the Association undertakes that Crown Heights (and specifically Crow Hill) is seen as a caring and vocal community. The issues that we face are duplicated throughout the City and there are limited resources to deal with them. The communities which get out and vote and make the most noise, are going to be the communities that receive the most attention, it is that simple.
Please be sure to vote on November 2.

Landmarking Crow Hill:
On Tuesday, October 26th the Landmarks Preservation Commission will be holding a meeting at which a group of 13 buildings on Park Place between Franklin & Bedford will be presented for landmarking. Landmark status has already been granted to parts of Prospect Heights and other areas of Crown Heights North, we ask everyone who has an interest in extending this status into Crow Hill to attend this meeting in support.
Again, the meeting is Tuesday, October 26th at 11:35 in the Public Meeting Room of the
Municipal Building: 1 Centre St, 9th floor North in Manhattan.

SOS Peace March:
On Wednesday (tomorrow) there will be a walk sponsored by Save Our Streets beginning at 6 PM at the northwest corner of Utica & Eastern Parkway. We will walk west towards Franklin Avenue ending at Franklin and Eastern Parkway. There we will recognize the lives lost and those affected by gun violence in Crown Heights North. For more information contact Lisa Jones, S.O.S. Program Manager at 718-679-9410.

Garbage The Go Green/Go Clean committee has been working to get a Big Belly Solar powered trash receptacle/compactor for Franklin Avenue. It would be EXTREMELY helpful if whenever you see an overflowing city garbage can any corner of Franklin Ave. if you would call 311 and give its location.

CHCA Meeting Minutes: September 2010

The meeting of the Crow Hill Community Association, Inc. was held on September 21, 2010 at LaunchPad, 721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.


Ms Porter gave the opening prayer an thanked Mike for having us here at LaunchPad. She also thanked Garnett for all that she is doing for the merchants.

Ms. Porter asked the young people to stand and welcomed them for being here.

Garnett thanked the community for the Kids Day event and discussed the activities! $5000 was raised to cover the expenses and About Time is planning a bigger event for next year.

Sarah Taylor spoke, gave some history of CHCA and thanked the community

Leticia James spoke about the success of the mural project and how it brought together all different ethnic backgrounds to create a masterpiece!

Stacey spoke about the community garden, how it began by putting a lock on the gates to keep people from continuing to use it as a dumping ground and how it has turned into an oasis with flowers & veggies. The effort has brought new people to CHCA, she recognized some of the gardeners in the audience.

Nina spoke about our landmarking effort: 13 buildings on Park Place have been calendared for approval this fall.  She also recognized Alexandra Kelly’s contribution to the 25th Anniversary celebrations:  Listen To This: an oral history project now archived at LaunchPad.

Susan spoke about the success of the mural project and the enjoyment of all the kids who came out to paint. It was voiced that there could have been some artwork that reflected the history of the community.

Ms. Porter informed audience of the 77th Precinct Community Council meetings: they are held on the 2nd Monday of each month, the location rotates throughout the community. She emphasized the importance of calling 311, 911 and the precinct (Capt. Capocci) if you have public safety concerns. Ms. Porter spoke about the continued escalation of burglaries in the area: she encouraged residents to keep windows, especially on fire escapes, locked.

Garnett handed out cards to collect anonymous complaints about undesirable activities in the community. Ms. Porter spoke about crime and encouraged all to tell the truth about what they see and what they would like to see change. Anonymous complaints only.

Nina spoke about the status of the intake center at the Bedford Atlantic Armory; Marty Markowitz has committed money for a rec center and has promised the community will have a voice in its use.  CBAAR (Coalition for Bedford Atlantic Armory Reform) has formed to continue to address the situation.

Questions from the audience… 

What is going on with the vacant lot on Franklin & Eastern Pkwy?
Construction stopped because banks stopped lending. Large stores like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS have expressed interest but the community will not want something that will drive small businesses out.

Can anything be done about the Pawn Shop trying to come to the community?

It will be brought to CB8’s attention

Habitat for Humanity presented information on affordable home possibilities that they are developing affordable housing in the Bronx & Bed Stuy:

Panamanian Day Parade: A member from the Panamanian community announced the upcomin parade on 10/9 and invited the community to attend, There was mention of the co-naming of Franklin Avenue. Ms. Porter stated that street naming is for individuals not for countries but that the Association has been opposed to co-naming Franklin Avenue.

Nina ran down the 4 committees which interested community members can volunteer for:

  1. merchant/economic development/fund raising
  2. general projects & outreach
  3. go green go clean
  4. public safety

Susan asks for interested people to help with a kids Halloween celebration for the children.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

CHCA Meeting Minutes: September 2009

The meeting of the Crow Hill Community Association, Inc. was held on September 15, 2009 at the Haitian/American Daycare, Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

Nina is chairing, Julie taking minutes

Nina gives an overview of CHCA and explains dues.

Attendees give reasons for coming to the meeting.  They include public safety, neighborhood shootings, landmarking, starting new businesses in the neighborhood.

Nina discusses the following:

  • The importance of attending precinct meetings and CHCA’s involvement in getting more police attention on Franklin Ave.
  • The 2001 Dormitory Authority Grant and CHCA’s plan to revise the budget to fulfill the reimbursement procedure.  It is being proposed that the money be used for lights and cameras on Franklin Ave.
  • Planning for the 25th Anniversary of CHCA

Hadia speaks to the need for more volunteers to help out with CHCA.

New attendee says that we need a sign on the door at meetings because she had trouble finding the meeting this evening.

Sarah spoke about CHCA’s role in the preservation of monastery to keep it from turning into low-income housting.  Proposes the use of the senior citizen residence for future meetings.

Tish James is looking into why budgeted money is not being used for cameras on Franklin.

Nina speaks to the importance of using 311 to lodge complaints in order to make our comunity vocal.

An attendee speaks about the artist commercial space at 925 Bergen.

Nina updates attendees on CHCA’s landmarking progress.  CHCA has 150 evaluations, and needs more volunteers.

Nina gives an update on the construction at Eastern Parkway & Franklin Ave.  Eve is speaking to the developer about the problems the construction site is causing by taking over the sidewalk.

Nina recommends using 311 to lodge complains about construction sites in the neighborhood.

Hadia mentions that the flea market on Franklin Ave. is running through September.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.