Update on GO

 GO: the Open Studio Weekend sponsored by the Brooklyn Museum
was a huge success in Crown Heights 

Those who participated in GO, saw local artist’s work, participated in community building and helped to put our neighborhood on the art radar!!!

Even if you weren’t able to make it out in person, you can still get a feeling for what some of your neighbors are making by reading these posts:

We had great pre-game press from I Love Franklin Avenue:

And a fabulous post-game write up featuring a number of Crow Hill artists; from the art blog: Hyperallergic: GO Crown Heights: Away from the Hype

Look at all the open studios in Crow Hill alone:go crow hill

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Save Our Streets (S.O.S.) Crown Heights 2nd annual Arts to End Violence contest and art show

The Crown Heights community has made a commitment to end gun violence.  Merchants hang signs in their windows counting up the amount of days it has been since our last shooting; clergy members organize events to discuss violence in their congregations, teenagers speak to other teenagers about alternatives to violence. We are inviting the artists of Crown Heights and beyond to participate in our efforts to transform the neighborhood to make it a safe place for all.

Last year, the Arts to End Violence show brought artists together to share their own messages of peace and feelings about violence.  Some of the participants were established in their field and others were new to the creative process. The results were a diverse group of powerful images and performances that invigorated the community efforts to reduce violence.

We are calling on artists of all ages to submit art for this year’s project. 
Artists 19 and younger can submit in three categories (2-dimensional art, videos and t-shirt designs) to be eligible for cash prizes. Professional artists are invited to submit pieces to be part of the Art to End Violence collection to be displayed in local galleries and nontraditional venues such parks, laundromats and barber shops.

Guidelines for the youth contest are available here, and the call to professional and emerging artists is here. The flyer for the youth contest is available here.


March 15th – Early Deadline (for feedback from the Selection Committee – optional)
April 5th – Final Deadline for Submissions
May 21st-25th – Festival and Gallery Openings
June 3rd-10th – Winners announced during “Cease the Fire, Increase the Peace” Week

We encourage artists, gallery spaces, teachers, art programs and media to follow our tumblr through the Arts to End Violence tab above. Call us at 718-773-6886 and speak with Anthony or email him at mohena@crownheights.org to learn more and to get involved!



A Community Oriented Art Installation by Ground Up Designers



Located in the Crow Hill Community Garden, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, our art installation/fundraising platform focuses on bringing the community together to build something beautiful in memory of last summer’s Labor Day shootings. If launched, the installation will help raise awareness and funding for organizations in Brooklyn that are working to stop gun violence through the use of art and education programs for the youth.

We believe that the key to reducing gun violence in Brooklyn isn’t a more extreme police force (as we often see as a response to shootings), but is better art and education programs for the youth. In light of this, we’ve designed a canopy for the community garden made of disposable handcuffs — each cuff will be individually sponsored by a participating member of the community, showing that they would like to see more art programs available for the youth as a means of getting kids off the streets and preventing gun violence, not more arrests.

We decided to use the handcuffs as a symbol of both the youth violence and the overbearing police presence, that our neighborhood is continually confronted with. Using the handcuffs as a part of the art installation is not meant to trivialize these sensitive topics — in fact we hope that they will keep the conversation geared toward these important issues as we come up with creative ways to tackle them.


We are submitting our project to a number of international design competitions, launching a Kickstarter campaign, and applying for the New Yorkers for Better Neighborhoods grant. With the money raised through these initiatives, we will purchase the materials we need for the project. Once purchased, the cuffs will then be made available for donation at participating businesses throughout Crown Heights. When someone sponsors a cuff, they will be given a packet of information to take home, as well as a cuff to personalize with a message and then leave in a collection box for pick up.  Once a week, Ground Up Designers will collect the sponsored cuffs and add them to the installation.

Each cuff donated to the project will stand as a symbol of it’s donor’s support for positive community growth in Crown Heights — as more and more people donate their personal cuff to the project, a mesh will begin to grow in a lace like pattern. This mesh of cuffs, created of our neighbors’ joint community spirit, will become the canopy of the installation and a place for people of meet and organize throughout the summer. Architecturally, this canopy will be supported by a framework of fanned supporting legs that connect with hinges to a base. Just as the canopy is supported by the legs, the legs are completely dependent upon the canopy. This design was chosen to represent the relationships between the community organizations that support the community, and the individual members that support the organizations — one would not exist without the other.


The completed design uses over one-thousand cuffs to create the canopy of the installation. If each cuff is sponsored at the suggested $3 – $5 donation, we will have raised between $3,000 and $5,000 when the installation is complete!

A portion of the money raised will be used to fund free art classes which can be held under the canopy throughout the summer. The remaining money will be donated to community organizations that are working toward better education programs for the youth and against gun violence.


‘Art Not Arrests’, was awarded 3rd Place in the Black Spectacles Un-Competition Project, an international design competition focusing on self initiated/community oriented design projects.

‘Art Not Arrests’ was exhibited at “Build On”  the follow up event to The Un-Competition Project: January 19th at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

‘Art Not Arrests’ will be Exhibited at “Slap Dash” a monthly series that brings together different art forms for a semi-cohesive mixed-media event: June 2012 at LaunchPad<

Inhabitat NYC
I Love Franklin Ave


New Yorkers for Better Neighborhoods Grant
 – Application deadline Jan 31st 2012

Kickstarter Rewards: participate now to get yours

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