Tuesday’s Suggestion: Art Not Arrests Summer Program

The Art Not Arrests (ANA) structure in our garden is looking gorgeous and now we want to start planning for the next portion of the project: creating free summer arts programming for youth in our community.

There are 4 ways you can help us.
(more details about each option below)

  1. Donate to the cuff campaign to fund the art classes
  2. Teach a class in the garden this summer
  3. Parents, helps us get the word out about the classes to the community at large
  4. VOUNTEER: we need a couple of community members to help coordinate the project

More information about the project can be found on the Art Not Arrests website

art not arrests installation

1. Donate to the cuff campaign to fund the art classes

The Art Not Arrests’sponsorship displays are currently located within many of the local businesses along Franklin Ave -Please help Ground Up Designers and the Crow Hill Community Association raise money for the Art Not Arrests summer art program, by personally sponsoring one of the zip-cuffs used in the installation.

If you make the suggested $3 sponsorship donation, you are welcomed to leave your name in (or written directly on) the donation box to have a piece of the installation added with your name on it. If you would rather, you are also welcome to visit the garden to choose a zip-cuff and sign your name on it personally.

Some of the donation boxes may not be immediately visible due to space constraints — If you don’t see the donation box, please ask the person at the counter how you can make a donation & leave your name. They will happily point you in the right direction.

100% of the money raised through these donations will go toward the Art Not Arrests summer art classes, hosted in the Crow Hill Community Garden, by the Crow Hill Community Association. Any money raised above and beyond what is required by the CHCA to host the summer art classes will be used toward individual scholarships for selected students – allowing them to continue their art education after the summer classes are over. Any additional funding will be donated to other arts related anti-violence initiatives in Crown Heights Brooklyn.

You can find donation boxes and flyers at the following businesses along Franklin Ave:

  •     Guero’s Brooklyn
  •     Owl & Thistle
  •     Rosebud Vintage
  •     The Candy Rush
  •     Chavela’s Restaurant
  •     Bella Greens
  •     Little Zelda’s
  •     739 Franklin
  •     Stork
  •     Dutch Boy Burger
  •     Franklin Park
  •     Pine Tree
  •     Veggies
  •     Wino(t)
  •     PeteZaaz (Classon Ave)
  •     Winey Neighbor (Washington Ave)

2. Teach a class in the garden this summer

Calling all artists, musicians, writers, crafters, anyone who would like to teach a class in the CHCA garden this summer to the youth in our community.

if you have an idea for a class you would like to teach we want to hear from you.
Please send the following information to artnotarrests@gmail.com with “art class” in the subject line:

  1. Class description: a few lines about what parents and children can expect from the class
  2. Age range for the class
  3. Class size
  4. Duration: is this 1 one day workshop, a class that will meet more than once, let us know
  5. Schedule: dates(s): your availability for teaching and the hours
  6. A short bio about yourself
  7. Picture of yourself (optional)

3. Parents, helps us get the word out

Once we have a class schedule, we will need to sign kids up.If you are a parent in the community please contact us with ways we can reach out: we need contacts at schools, daycares, after school groups, etc.

Please send complete information to artnotarrests@gmail.com: with “outreach info” in the subject line

  1. Organization name
  2. Contact name
  3. Contact info (phone, email)

if you are willing to help distribute flyers at your child’s school/daycare please send an email to artnotarrests@gmail.com with your contact info and “flyer volunteer” in the subject


Can you commit some time to help make this project a success?

We need a couple of people who will have time this spring/summer to help us make this project as good as it can be.

  1. If you are good with on-line communication, GREAT
  2. If you are good with phone outreach/follow-up: FABULOUS
  3. if you can help get flyers distributed: DYNAMITE
  4. if you can help monitor in the garden: MARVELOUS
  5. if you want to help the kids in this community: WE WANT YOU

Please contact Nina: CHCA Project Manager nina@crowhillcommunity.org to volunteer