Election Results


From left to right: outgoing VP Stacy Sheffey, incoming VP Paul Carson, incoming Secretary Josh Thompson, outgoing Project Manager Susan Boyle, outgoing President Evangeline Porter, incoming Project Manager Constance Nugent, incoming Treasurer Joanna Crispe, and incoming President Frank Esquilin. Photo courtesy of Trish Tchume

Elections for the Crow Hill Community Association Executive Board took place on Tuesday, February 18th and all five candidates were elected. After election results became official, outgoing president (and founding member) Evangelyn Porter gave the new board her blessing along with some words of wisdom. The remainder of the old Board that were present then joined her to take a photo with the new Board.

The following Saturday, February 22nd, the new Board met to choose officers. Frank Esquilin was voted in as President, Paul Carson was voted in as Vice President, Josh Thompson was voted in as Secretary, Joanna Crispe was voted in as Treasurer, and Constance Nugent was voted in as Project Manager. Please join us in wishing the new Board the best and thanking all those before us who made the Crow Hill Community Association such a strong and successful entity.