Crown Heights West Rezoning

The Department of City Planning (DCP), at the request of Community Board 8, community residents and elected officials, proposes a zoning map and text amendment for an approximately 55-block area in the western part of the Crown Heights.

The rezoning area is generally bounded by Atlantic Avenue, Pacific, Dean and Bergen streets to the north; Nostrand Avenue to the east; Eastern Parkway to the south; and, Washington and Grand Avenues to the west.

The proposed zoning map amendment would replace the existing zoning, which does not reflect the predominant row-house and apartment building character of this area and which has resulted in the development of tall apartment buildings without height limitation, with new zoning districts that match the existing built character and have height limits.  Zoning text amendments would create a new Inclusionary Housing-designated area that would incentivize affordable housing development along commercial corridors and incorporate required setbacks along Eastern Parkway into the Zoning Resolution.

Crown Heights is a predominantly residential neighborhood in central Brooklyn well-known for its brownstones, row houses and apartment buildings rich in architectural beauty. This comprehensive zoning study was undertaken at the request of Community Board 8 and local elected officials in response to concerns that existing zoning allows out-of-scale development in the area. Recent development has included tall, multi-story apartment buildings on otherwise low-rise blocks that are inconsistent with the typical character of the Crown Heights neighborhood.

The proposed rezoning seeks to:

  • Maintain the existing scale and character of the neighborhood
  • Create incentives for the development of affordable housing
  • Match commercial zoning to reflect the existing retail character

Details and maps available here.