Franklin Ave. Bike Lane Proposal Update

The below is from the CB 8 meeting minutes for Feb. 25, 2014…


On Wednesday February 12, DOT met with CB 8/9 representatives to solicit input on problems and issues with a Franklin Avenue bike lane between Atlantic Av and Empire Blvd, preliminary to a community-involved planning process. The next step will be a public forum. Attending the DOT meeting were representatives of CB 8 (District Manager Michelle George, transportation Committee Dr. Frederick Monderson, Robt. Witherwax, Holly Fuchs) and of CB 9 (District Manager Pearl Miles, Transportation Committee Ed Fanning). ACTION : DOT will put out flyers for a public forum CB8/CB9, to be held somewhere in the middle of the community (Brooklyn Museum, Central Library, etc.). The Flyers will probably come out around 3/12, the meeting might be week after 3/22. Pearl Miles will work with DOT to find an appropriate venue.