CB8 Housing/ULURP Committee Meeting Notice

The Housing/ULURP Committee will meet on Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 6:30 PM at CNR-Center Light Health Care Center located at 727 Classon Avenue (between Park and Prospect Places) in the ATRIUM.


1. LPC Application, 209 Prospect Place—Prospect Heights Historic District

The project consists of a 300 square foot rooftop addition that will not be visible from the street, as well as a 2 storey (cellar and basement) 20 foot long rear addition with a 14’ deck that projects into the yard. Windows will be replaced on the front and rear façade that are Landmark-approved.

2. LPC Application, 214A St. Marks Avenue—Prospect Heights Historic District

The project consists of renovations to two floors (garden and parlor) and a 2-story, 16’x16′ Brick rear-addition. The existing house is a 3-story row house, ca. 1873, with a brick-façade and italianate detailing. Only window replacement is proposed for the front façade. The rear addition has precedent in the block-interior, as there are already over a dozen rear additions. The lots for the row of houses on this side of the block are extra deep (130′).

3. LPC Application, 369 Park Place—Prospect Heights Historic District

The projects consists of replacing 3 windows on the side elevation, creating a new opening in the rear façade for 2 french doors, adding an 8 foot rear deck, and relocating an existing fire escape.

4. Presentation by Mr. Dan McEneny from the NYS Historic Preservation Office