Trash Basket Experiment at Franklin Ave. and Sterling Pl.


At the request of Crow Hill, the Department of Sanitation (DSNY) is conducting an experiment at the intersection of Franklin Ave. and Sterling Pl. to help our community decide whether we want fewer public trash baskets or more baskets.

This is a controversial topic: Some believe that more trash baskets bring more trash; others believe that we need more trash baskets to handle all the activity along Franklin Ave. We need your input so that together we can decide what’s best for our community.

During this first phase, DSNY has removed all trash baskets from Franklin Ave. and Sterling Pl. until Oct. 25th. During Phase 2, we’ll go back to two baskets; during Phase 3, we will have four baskets.

Use the simple form below to record your trash observations. During the experiment, we need everybody’s help monitoring Franklin and Sterling and the nearby blocks and intersections.

Forward the form on to your neighbors, as well. Feel free to record one observation or 100, it’s best just to record every day observations—good, bad, or otherwise—whenever you happen to find yourself on Franklin, anywhere between St. Johns and Park Pl.

After the experiment is over, we will share the results from our observations and DSNY’s observations. We will also survey the community before any decisions are made about increasing or decreasing the number of trash bins along Franklin Ave.

Contact Judy Bartlett at if you have any questions/concerns.