Crow Hill is part of the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, with boundaries from Eastern Parkway to Atlantic on Franklin Avenue, Eastern Parkway to St. Marks on Bedford Avenue, and the streets in between.

Crow Hill Community Association (CHCA) is a 5013C community organization with the mission of providing leadership, guidance, and assistance to the residents and merchants of Crow Hill, working collectively to resolve issues facing our community.

As a nonprofit organization, CHCA has no political alliances nor does CHCA make political endorsements. CHCA does, however, work in cooperation with all of our elected officials.

For the past 33 years, CHCA has been at the forefront of the efforts to revitalize Franklin Avenue and improve public safety.


CHCA meets on the third Tuesday of every month, except July and August, at 7:30 PM. The location of the meeting is posted to the home page of this website each month. Meetings are an open forum where the issues affecting Crow Hill can be discussed and an agenda for action can be developed.

As CHCA moves toward our goal of improving the community, from time to time representatives are invited to meetings in an effort to provide a forum for members to voice their concerns.


CHCA is led by a Board of Directors, who are elected each year by the community.


CHCA relies on members’ contributions in the form of both dues and participation to support the organization’s efforts. Dues are $30/month per household and $125/year for merchants. Anyone can attend meetings, but you must pay dues to vote for board members. Download membership application.

Various committees within CHCA address the needs and concerns of our community. Every member is encouraged to serve on at least one committee.


Over the years CHCA has:

  • Successfully petitioned the city council for additional bus stop benches
  • Partnered with the New York Police Department (NYPD) for a safer Franklin Avenue.
  • Made the sidewalks pedestrian-friendly by commissioning curb cuts for seniors and strollers.
  • Championed for cleaner water by advocating for new sewer lines.
  • Planted dozens of trees and planter boxes along Franklin Avenue for a greener environment.
  • Petitioned for historic street-light posts along Franklin Avenue.
  • Coordinated financing to upgrade storefronts and security gates.