The following committees were devised in our February 2014 board meeting. Committees will meet during each month to define and implement their goals. If you are a member of CHCA, please strongly consider joining one or more committees.

Community Outreach

Chairs: Frank Esquilin

The Community Outreach Committee is responsible for increasing participation and keeping the Crow Hill community informed of upcoming meetings and events.

Political Engagement

Chair: Justin Rogers-Cooper

The Political Engagement Committee is responsible for engaging the elected officials that represent the Crown Hill community and our goal for 2014 is to increase community participation in this process, which takes shape through community planning meetings and grass roots outreach in our beloved neighborhood. Click here more info.

Youth Engagement

Chair: Malachi Peterson

The Youth Engagement Committee is responsible for establishing programs and events that center around the youth in the Crow Hill community.

Go Green/Go Clean

Chair: Nick Juravich

The Go Green/Go Clean Committee will take on all matters related to improving the sustainability of the neighborhood.