Volunteers Needed to Deliver Supplies in the Rockaways on Sunday, Nov. 4

UPDATE Sunday, 8am: At this time, we don’t have enough cars to guarantee that we’ll be able to get everybody who signed up out there. If you have not been contacted by a driver from the community and you find another volunteer opportunity for tomorrow, you should take it. Somebody from the community will be in touch Sunday morning if we find more drivers.

If you have a car with at least half a tank of gas and are willing to drive volunteers out to the Rockaways, sign up here.

First: THANK YOU to everyone who donated supplies for victims of Hurricane Sandy. We raised three van-fulls of items and more than $300 to buy more supplies.

Now, we’re looking for volunteers for Sunday, November 4 to help deliver supplies.

One of the places we visited today was the JASA senior center which has multiple 22-story buildings housing 1,000 elderly people who were unable to evacuate.

They have received donations of food and water, but need volunteers to help deliver the supplies.

We need people to help carry food, water, and supplies up the many flights of stairs. We realize not everybody will have the strength and stamina to do this, and that’s completely understandable. But if you do, this is a great opportunity to help those in need.

We also need people who can drive volunteers out there. Location: 125 Beach 19th St, Far Rockaway, NY. The full trip takes about a fourth a tank of gas. You should have half a tank available just in case.

If you want to volunteer, fill out this form with your availability.

Reminder: The clock goes back one hour tonight when daylight savings ends.

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