CHCA Meeting Minutes: September 2013

President Eve Porter welcomes the community back from the summer break.

Julie Whitaker explained the process the Board went through to draft new by-laws and instructions for submitting suggestions for edits.

Updates from workgroups
Sue Boyle explains that the workgroups formed from the town hall meetings in March 2013. They workgroups have acted independently of CHCA over the summer, and will determine whether they want to become part of CHCA this fall.

Livable Neighborhood
Updates from Judy B. on the trash assessment done over the summer. The group will cooperate with the sanitation department to test whether more or fewer bins on an intersection impacts the amount of trash in the area. They will also be soliciting community feedback on what kind of issues they have with trash collection and sanitation in the neighborhood. The group is looking for volunteers who can join the group and commit and hour or two a week.

Laurie Cumbo, our new 35th District council member, introduced herself to the community.

Community Engagement
Updates from Constance on the goals of the group, to make our neighborhood feel like a community where people know each other and say hello. The group is working to put up a bulletin board for announcements about what’s happening in the neighborhood. There’s a Community Engagement Book Club that meets at 7PM on the second Tuesday of every month at Calibar Imports. There’s also a women’s social group meeting every Friday night from 7 – 10PM at Calibar Imports (704 Franklin Ave.)

Youth Engagement
The fourth annual Franklin Ave. Halloween parade is coming up in October. Kids of all ages are welcome to attend. It’s currently scheduled for October 27th at 3PM, we start at the community garden on Dean St. between Franklin and Classon Aves.

Other announcements:

  • The 77th Precinct Auxiliary Unit is looking for volunteers. Call 718-735-0675 to speak with Lt. Campo.
  • Election for Board Members will happen in January.
  • A community member announced that the 77th precinct is interested in recruiting Block Watchers. He explained the program to the community and asked for recruits. The Block Watcher orientation is giving by the precinct. Once you complete it, you’re given a card with a Block Watcher ID number.

Board Members will be elected in January 2014, next month ballots will be available to nominate candidates.

The need for a Chairperson of the Franklin Ave. Merchants group was raised. The Board will discuss with merchants how to best handle that process and report back.