CHCA Meeting Minutes: September 2011

The meeting of the Crow Hill Community Association was held on September 20, 2011, 7:30 PM at The Gospel Tabernacle Church, 725 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

Labor Day Shootings

President Eve Porter opened the meeting with a moment of silence to honor the victims of the shootings that occurred on Park Place on Labor Day. She also gave an update on the funds raised for Denise Gay’s family. Denise Gay was the innocent bystander who was killed in the shootings.

Summer Activities

There was an update of the events that happened over the summer:

  1. Kids Day: Garnett Philips gave a history of the Kids Day event, gave a description of this year’s Kids Day, and talked about the hopes for expanding it to multiple blocks for 2012. She said that they are planning to start fundraising earlier this year to raise the money needed to expand the event.
  2. Community Garden: Kyle Levenick gave an update of garden activities, which included a BBQ, potluck, and new compost bins.
  3. Planters: Over the summer 20 planters were constructed, planted, and distributed to Franklin Avenue Merchant members.

Impact Zone

Over 400 signatures and letters have been collected to support the Impact Zone on Franklin Ave. We have not been given a definitive “yes” on keeping the Impact Zone, but the 77th precint has received an additional 20 officers to help with the east end of the precinct.

Community member Nick Juravich expressed interesting in creating and distributing a flier to residents that would outline what the Impact Zone is.

There have been burglary problems in the neighborhood, so residents should make sure they keep their windows and doors locked.

Bike Lane on Franklin Avenue

We are continuing to collect signatures for the petition to extend the bike lane down Franklin Avenue. The bike lane would slow down the cars on the avenue and improve the safety of our streets. There would be no reduced parking due to the addition of the bike lane.

The petition is available to sign at The Candy Rush and other stores on the avenue.

No Solicitation Signs

The “No Solicitation” signs are available for CHCA members for $1. If you have a card that got waterlogged, you can trade it in for a new one for free. We will be reprinting the cards in a way that will make them more durable. We also want to make cards for “pooper scooping” to encourage residents to clean up after their dogs on the street.

Fall Projects

Community members were encouraged to sign up to help with the following projects for the fall:

  1. Halloween: We are planning another kids Halloween parade that will end at the garden with some special events.
  2. Fall Planting: We will be filling our planters with evergreens and daffodil bults on Sunday, Oct. 2 and Saturday, Oct 16.
  3. Water For the Garden: We need to find a solution for getting a water supply to the community garden.

District Attorney’s Office

A representative from the District Attorney’s office spoke, encouraging the community to get in touch and learn more about the programs her office provides, including an alternative sentencing program which would be helping CHCA with the fall planting activities.

Kings County District Attorney’s Office
Jerry Schmetterer Director of Public Information
350 Jay St.
Brooklyn, New York, NY 11201

Assembly District

Assembly Member¬†Hakeem Jeffries¬†spoke briefly to the community about how his office is working to improve public safety and to work with the precinct to challenge their “stop and first” tactics.

Open Forum

Several members of the community expressed an interesting in working to improve public safety in response to the Labor Day shootings. Various ideas were expressed, and the community members were encouraged to come up with project plans to present to the board to consider.