CHCA Meeting Minutes: September 2008

The meeting of the Crow Hill Community Association, Inc. was held on September 16, 2008 at the Haitian/American Daycare, Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.


The meeting was called to order at 7:45 p.m. by Stacey Sheffey and Nina Meledandri.

Stacey began by welcoming everyone back from the summer vacation. She briefed everyone on Crow Hill. She mentioned that dues are $5.00 per household, which is used for miscellaneous purposes.

She also mentioned that support is needed to distribute flyers for the meetings.


Minutes of the June 17, 2008 meeting were read and accepted.


Nina gave the names of the different Committees of Crow Hill. They are:

Bylaws, Community Outreach, Economical Development, Fund Raising, Good and Welfare, Merchant Outreach, Public Safety, Landmark, Go Green/Go Clean and Youth Committee.

Nina said that some of the committees need help.


Stacey mentioned that Crow Hill was approached by Community Board 8 to see if there was an interest in landmarking.

A meeting was held on August 19, 2008 to discuss landmarking for Crow Hill. Letitia James attended and voiced her support.

Landmark buildings are grandfathered and any changes will need the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s approval. Landmarking helps to protect against inappropriate developments. The community has a say in any new developments. Property values are increased.

Strong community support is necessary in order to obtain landmark status.

Evaluation requests together with photos and a map are submitted by property owners.

Stacey and Nina answered questions regarding landmarking and what happens if the community is not involved.

Questions were asked as to whether home owners in landmark districts need to get permission to make changes to their buildings.

Nina said that there are pros and cons of landmarking.

The percentage of home owners needed to vote could be less than 100%.

It was suggested that we invite someone who lives in a land marked area to come and talk to us at our next meeting.


Hakeem Jefferies attended the meeting and spoke about the economic times we are in. They are lobbying as hard as they can and it is best that we work together.

Regarding the loan from Dormitory Authority, he said that some of the money was drawn and he is trying to work with Dormitory Authority to reinstate the loan. Crow Hill is high on the list.


Nina explained that 450 letters were sent to the Mayor and there are about 1,800 more to be sent regarding the City’s plan to move single homeless men from New York City’s only intake center to the Bedford-Atlantic Armory in Crown Heights.

The meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 17th at City Hall has been postponed to September 23rd at 10:00 a.m.

Karim Camara has scheduled a Press Conference for Thursday, September 18th at 12:30 p.m. in front of St. Gregory’s Church, 991 St. Johns Place. The Mayor is invited.

The State Assembly meeting on this matter is scheduled for Friday, September 19th at 10:00 a.m. at 250 Broadway, New York City.

All elected officials are behind this.


It was suggested that cameras at street corners can deter the drug dealers.

In order to install cameras, the landlords’ permission is needed to get the boxes in their basements.

Nina said that we were part of the Impact Zone for the first part of the year. The tower that was located at Franklin Avenue and St. Johns Place was removed.

Nina also advised everyone to attend the 77th Precinct Council meetings on the second Monday of each month and voice their concerns.


Dues were collected.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.