CHCA Meeting Minutes: November 2012

Eve introduces Crow Hill and the board members.

The new building being built at Franklin Ave. and Eastern Parkway is supposed to be a residential building with affordable units. But plans could change as it’s being built.

The third annual Franklin Ave. Halloween parade was very successful, with more than 50 kids in attendance.

Crow Hill organized a collection for Sandy Relief.

Jesse Hamilton with State Senator Eric Adams
– Working to prosecute landlords offering people money to move out or making conditions terrible for people who won’t move out.
– Rapid Realty
– Housing count judge can come out and speak to residents about what their rights are.
– Occupy Wall St. organized a rally in front of MySpace Realty
– HPD for renters rights

Walter T. Mosely, district
– Spoke at Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce about needing chamber to be more responsive to corridors like Franklin Ave. and coordinating with groups like Crow Hill.
– Will keep Crow Hill updated on efforts to reform the housing court.

Hakeem Jeffries representative brought Macy’s parade tickets.

Committee breakout at future meeting.