CHCA Meeting Minutes: November 2011

The meeting of the Crow Hill Community Association was held on November 15, 2011, 7:30 PM at The Gospel Tabernacle Church, 725 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

  1. Introduction and mention of membership dues
  2. Bike Lane Proposal sent to CB8 Traffic & Transportation Committee:  We collected over 335 signatures from the community (300+ on paper petitions and 36 gathered via email) in support of this proposal.  We also submitted two renderings showing before & after views of the proposal from both a street level and a birds-eye perspective. Thank you to Manuel Avila & Danny Garwood for creating the renderings
  3. Susan: Halloween Parade update
  4. Julie: Offline community announcements
  5. Safe in This Place Project: Jessie, Jessica & Julia
  6. Susan: Local Community Resource Guide
  7. Collection for Kianga House
  8. Ask for signatures to be included in the residential parking permit