CHCA Meeting Minutes: November 2010

The meeting of the Crow Hill Community Association, Inc. was held on November 16, 2010 at LaunchPad, 721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.


The meeting addressed credit opportunities in our community. Scheduled to speak were Danette Hyatt and Patricia Scott from Banco Popular and David Jerome and Elizabeth Shay from People’s Alliance Federal Credit Union.

Banco Popular
Committed to the community; partnering with Bed Stuy Campaign Against Hunger food drive.
Devised new programs for building credit: will give loans secured by bank deposit or secure credit card againsta savings account.
Doors open to all customers.
Offers home equity loans
Financial seminars for small businesses
Works with Axiom for those who don’t qualify

People’s Alliance Federal Credit Union
Over 70 years old, used to be Pan Am Credit Union
Is a not for profit organization, Board of Directors are volunteer, profits are dispersed back to participants.
Individual banking: $5 min. balance for savings, checking is free
Business checking: $25/mo, $100 minimum balance
Not for profit: no fee
Branch on Hanson Street: car sales, kids day, interest rate on auto loans now at 2.99%
Offers credit builder loans
Rates for loans dependent on debt to income ratios, etc.
Highest credit card rate is 10%

Laura James from Medgar Evers Summer Youth Program announces 2011 NYC Ladders for Leaders Application now on-line at DYCD, must register by 11/29.
April 1st deadline for Summer Yout Program Lottery.
Megar Evers hired over 360 youth last summer

Hakeem Jeffries representative announces Tenant Harrassment Community Forum on 11/22 at 6:s0: 55 Hanson Place

Velma Armstrong speaks to conaming of Franklin Avenue. CB8 only granted Franklin from Bergen to St. Marks to be conamed. City Council no longer names after countries. Panamanian community has been on Franklin Ave for 30 years.


What has been the hands on Panamanian contribution to Franklin Avenue, why do you feel Panama should be represented on Franklin?
Has been the central meeting place for Panamanians coming to NY, Panamnaians have had businesses here and a parade for 15 years.

Comment by Sarah Taylor: None of these businesses participated in CHCA or attended meetings

What names are being considered, since the street can’t be conamed for a country?
Still looking for suggestions

Area has a history of Guyanese, West Indians etc settling here, what about their contributions?
Panamanians come from all the Caribbean countries

Some of the resistence might be that Franklin Avenue is known for its diversity, conaming the strip is a major step, there has to be a recognizable contribution.

What are some examples of contributions to Franklin Avenue?
We work, shop & eat in the area.

It was asked that if the Panamanian Alliance wished support for this issue that they contact CHCA to be put on our meeting agenda at a time when they could respond to the question that had so far gone unanswered: what are the significant contributions that have been made to Franklin Avenue on the part of the Panamanian Community that would merit a conaming?

Reminded the community to be aware when they are on the streets of who is around you.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.