CHCA Meeting Minutes: January 2008

Meeting started at 7:40 p.m.

Welcome from Ms. Evangeline Porter
Opening prayer
Those present introduced themselves
Ms. Porter spoke briefly of the 20 year history of CHCA and the CHCA perimeter

Old Business

December 2007 minutes read by Nina
Minutes approved by Nicole
Minutes secondly approved by Masha

Ms. Porter spoke of the family for Thanksgiving food drive. The twelve year old daughter wrote so eloquently, thanking CHCA for their involvement with their family for Thanksgiving 2007.

New Business

Dormitory Funds still unapproved – originally granted through Roger Green in 1999

2nd Round for NYC Clean Sweep Sanitation Program for Commercial – Applications received through Heart of Bklyn (Washington Avenue). Deadline for application February 15, 2008. Stacey (Go Green Committee chair) will get application

Graffiti Removal is done through the 77th Precinct

Discussed the effect of the Impact Zone (Franklin Avenue to Kingston Avenue) on the community. Members stressed the erroneous stopping of African American men. A CHCA member, also an 1st Precinct officer, described the situation from the point of view of the officers. Suggestion made that questions regarding 77th officers be brought up during the 77th Council Meeting, on Monday, February 11th, 2008

CHCA would like for Officer Cosgrove to speak at the next CHCA meeting 2/19/2008

Committee descriptions were read and sign up sheets presented for participation

Collected Dues

Ended Meeting @ 9:00 pm