CHCA Meeting Minutes: May 2012

The meeting of the Crow Hill Community Association was held on April 17, 2012, 7:30 PM. The located was moved from The Gospel Tabernacle Church to the back room at 739 Franklin.

Kelly from the Greene Hill Food Coop came to talk to the community.

  • Has over 1000 members
  • You can work your Park Slop Coop hours at the Greene Hill Coop
  • Dedicated to providing healthy, sustainable, local produce to anyone who wants access to it. Accepts WIC, EBT, and other food assistance programs.
  • Open Wed 6- 10 , Sat 10a – 6pm
  • Work commitment: 2 hours/month
  • Located at Putnam & Fulton, close to Franklin Ave stop on the C train.
  • More info at

Community Garden

  • The CHCA community garden on Franklin Ave. has to close because the lot is being sold.
  • CHCA is looking into partnering with the Dean St garden  (between Franklin & Bedford) for future projects.

Go Green/Go Clean committee

  • The Franklin Ave merchants will be entering the Greenest Block contest.

Art Not Arrests

  • The Dean St garden (between Franklin & Bedford) has taken on the Art Not Arrests installation and summer programs planned for kids in the community.
  • Still looking for teachers for new classes.
  • If you teach painting, drawing, crafts, or other projects kids might be interested in, please contact Arts Not Arrests.
  • If you have contacts in the community that can help us reach out to schools and kids, please let us know so that we can raise awareness about the summer programs that are being planned.

Mike Fagan on behalf of SOS Crown Heights

  • Youth program is searching for internships for kids 14-17 years old.
  • If you have a business or work in an office setting, talk to Mike.

Community Youth Mentoring Program

  • A community member is working on starting a youth mentorship program, if you’re interested in volunteering, mentoring, or getting updates, visit

CHCA board elections

  • Nominations and elections for the board will happen during the June meeting.
  • If you’re a dues paying member, you can be nominated for and/or vote for the board.

Take Back Our Community

  • A program started by Senator Adams has been started to organize community members block-by-block.
  • If you’re interested in organizing with people on your block, contact CHCA for support.

Summer Farmers Market

  • June 20 – August 30 at the Dean St garden.
  • More information to come.