Public Safety:
Without being alarmist, we want people to continue to be aware of crime in the community: there was an attempted rape this past month on a Sunday, at 10:30 p.m. at 679 Sterling Place (between Franklin & Bedford Avenue). The victim was unable to give a description of the man because he approached her from behind and she didn’t see his face. Please be alert when you are on the street, especially when you are entering your vestibules.
Burglaries are still up, it is critical that we keep our windows locked, especially those on fire escapes.

Intake Center at the Armory:
A brief update from CBAAR (Coalition for Bedford/Atlantic Armory Reform)
The news regarding the Bedford Atlantic Armory is both good and bad. We have been in contact with the new Commissioner for the Department of Homeless Services: Seth Diamond. In response to our queries he has said that there are no immediate plans to open the intake center for single homeless men at the Bedford Atlantic Armory shelter. However when the intake center at Bellevue closes, the city still intends to open the intake center at the Armory.
We are holding the city off but we must remain vigilant and continue to oppose the intake center. We have requested that DHS keep us informed about the status of the intake center. However there is no guarantee they will do this. Right now and for the foreseeable future, it is imperative that each of us keep an eye on the shelter and report any changes back to us

November Elections
EVERYONE MUST VOTE: This is the most important community effort that you can make in November! It is crucial to the work that the Association undertakes that Crown Heights (and specifically Crow Hill) is seen as a caring and vocal community. The issues that we face are duplicated throughout the City and there are limited resources to deal with them. The communities which get out and vote and make the most noise, are going to be the communities that receive the most attention, it is that simple.
Please be sure to vote on November 2.

Landmarking Crow Hill:
On Tuesday, October 26th the Landmarks Preservation Commission will be holding a meeting at which a group of 13 buildings on Park Place between Franklin & Bedford will be presented for landmarking. Landmark status has already been granted to parts of Prospect Heights and other areas of Crown Heights North, we ask everyone who has an interest in extending this status into Crow Hill to attend this meeting in support.
Again, the meeting is Tuesday, October 26th at 11:35 in the Public Meeting Room of the
Municipal Building: 1 Centre St, 9th floor North in Manhattan.

SOS Peace March:
On Wednesday (tomorrow) there will be a walk sponsored by Save Our Streets beginning at 6 PM at the northwest corner of Utica & Eastern Parkway. We will walk west towards Franklin Avenue ending at Franklin and Eastern Parkway. There we will recognize the lives lost and those affected by gun violence in Crown Heights North. For more information contact Lisa Jones, S.O.S. Program Manager at 718-679-9410.

Garbage The Go Green/Go Clean committee has been working to get a Big Belly Solar powered trash receptacle/compactor for Franklin Avenue. It would be EXTREMELY helpful if whenever you see an overflowing city garbage can any corner of Franklin Ave. if you would call 311 and give its location.

CHCA Community Garden

On May 16th 2010, we started a cleanup of the lot on Franklin Ave between Park & Sterling Place.

We then had people sign up at our May meeting who wanted to to work by putting sweat equity into clearing a spot so that they could plant.

On Saturday and Sunday, June 19th & 20th the lot was open for those who were interested in cleaning and planting. People brought their own tools and all materials to make it happen. Those who came started on their plots.

The lot is being transformed and we are hoping to make this a community effort.

To get involved please email: stacey@crowhillcommunity.org

Thanks to the entire community for the encouraging words as you guys were passing by.

see more pictures on
the About Time Boutique blog

CHCA Spring Cleaning Day

We had a wonderful CHCA Spring Cleaning Day
on Franklin Avenue in April

Thank you to all who volunteered
especially everyone from
Bed Stuy’s Project Re-Generation, Inc. (PR-G)

HOMEOWNERS – Checkout the PR-G Foot Soldiers, they offer great sidewalk clean up services and employ local youth!!!

See more pictures on our FaceBook page and if you are a resident or merchant on Franklin Avenue, don’t forget to water the plants.

Flowers on Franklin: May

A week ago we had another successful “Flowers on Franklin”.

This time we planted from Prospect to Bergen.
We hope you are enjoying the plantings, if you notice some of the beds on your block are dry, give them some water and encourage the businesses to water as well.


Flowers on Franklin: April

On Sunday April 20, the Go Green/Go Clean Committee held it’s first “Flowers on Franklin”. We planted planters and tree pits on Franklin between Sterling and Prospect.

Thanks to all the CHCA members who participated:
Anna for providing soil
NinaStacey & Anna for the flowers
Marlene for donating her hostas
PatriceRobinHodiahDaylonMashaNicoleNinaAnna & Stacey for planting
Cheney for taking pictures
and Allison from NC for her planting power & knowledge

a special thanks to Phillips Farms for the discount on the flowers
You can visit them Saturdays at the GAP Greenmarket. They are the big farm on the north edge of the market

CHCA would also like to thank the Franklin Avenue Merchants who are supporting Flowers on Franklin:
Bristen’s Eatery: 751 Franklin Avenue
HAD Associates: 737 Franklin Avenue
Homage BurgerBar: 636 Park Place
Msnap: 721 Franklin Avenue
Saje Cafe: 710 Franklin Avenue

all photos: Cheney Orr – more images on Flickr
our next Flowers on Franklin planting day is
Sunday May 4 from 9-12
We’ll be meeting on Prospect and Franklin
Come on out and help beautify our neighborhood