CB8 General Meeting – Thursday, April 10th



DATE: Thursday, April 10, 2014

PLACE: CNR-Center Light Health Care
727 Classon Avenue (corner of Park Place)
Brooklyn, NY 11213

TIME: 7:00 PM

1. Meeting Call to order
2. Roll Call

3. Acceptance of Minutes
4. Correspondence
5. Ms. Kirsten Defur from the Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence will make a brief presentation detailing the services provided by the unit.

6. Mr. Gerard Miller, Community Outreach Coordinator for Neighborhood Housing Services of Bed-Stuy (NHS) will make a presentation on NHS’s services

7. Hearing to remove Mr. Phu Duong and Ms. Marlene Saunders (charges against each to be read at meeting to give the cited members an opportunity to respond).

8. Action Items

a. Housing/ULURP Committee
b. SLA and Sidewalk Café Review Committee
c. Transportation Committee

9. Reports from the following committees:

Economic Development
Public Safety
Youth & Family Services

10. Old Business/New Business
11. Public Comments/Announcements
12. Adjournment

CHCA Scholars Program


School work can be hard, and while it pays off in the long run, the merchants within the Crow Hill community would like to reward five students in the neighborhood immediately, through the CHCA Scholars Program.

To be eligible, students have to fill out an application, list three exams on which they received a 100% within a month of the last Crow Hill Meeting (the third Tuesday of every month excluding the summer), and drop it off at Lily & Fig (727 Franklin Avenue) with a signature from the student and a parent. Then we will draw five names at random from all the applicants the day before each Crow Hill Community Association meeting and call the winners who will then receive a reward the next day, at the monthly Crow Hill Community Association meeting. Please attach the exams (or a copy) referenced on the application as well.

Applications can be downloaded from our website (below) or picked up at our monthly meetings.

Student Applications:

For any merchant that wants to participate, you can download a form below:


Election Results



From left to right: outgoing VP Stacy Sheffey, incoming VP Paul Carson, incoming Secretary Josh Thompson, outgoing Project Manager Susan Boyle, outgoing President Evangeline Porter, incoming Project Manager Constance Nugent, incoming Treasurer Joanna Crispe, and incoming President Frank Esquilin. Photo courtesy of Trish Tchume

Elections for the Crow Hill Community Association Executive Board took place on Tuesday, February 18th and all five candidates were elected. After election results became official, outgoing president (and founding member) Evangelyn Porter gave the new board her blessing along with some words of wisdom. The remainder of the old Board that were present then joined her to take a photo with the new Board.

The following Saturday, February 22nd, the new Board met to choose officers. Frank Esquilin was voted in as President, Paul Carson was voted in as Vice President, Josh Thompson was voted in as Secretary, Joanna Crispe was voted in as Treasurer, and Constance Nugent was voted in as Project Manager. Please join us in wishing the new Board the best and thanking all those before us who made the Crow Hill Community Association such a strong and successful entity.

[UPDATE] Election Meeting & Dues: February 18


UPDATE: Due to a winter storm, the January meeting was canceled. We will not hold the board election at our regularly scheduled February meeting.

The board election will occur at our meeting on Tuesday, January 21 February 18. In an election, every dues-paying Member in attendance can place up to seven votes on the ballot. (Or in this case, because there are only four candidates, you can place up to four votes.) The candidates with the most votes will be elected as board members. Members may authorize another person to act as a proxy.

The results will be announced by the conclusion of the meeting.

To be eligible to vote:

To be a member eligible to vote for the board or to be a board candidate, you must pay your dues at the meeting on January 21 February 18.

Please download, print, and fill out this membership form to accompany your dues. (We will also have these forms available to fill out at the meeting.)

Dues are $30/year for a family, $125/year for merchants, $20/year for students and seniors 60 years and over.

The candidates:

Joanna Crispe
“I moved to 302 Eastern Parkway two years ago, and have really enjoyed getting to know my neighbors through my involvement with CHCA. I participated in the planning and facilitation of the two Town Hall meetings last spring, and have been attending both CHCA and workgroup/committee meetings regularly since then. My professional background is in nonprofit organizational capacity building, so I naturally tend to take on more process focused roles, and could potentially serve as secretary or treasurer if elected to the Board. I am interested in community engagement and outreach, and how CHCA collaborates with other organizations working locally. I am motivated to join the CHCA Board for the opportunity to learn from the experienced and longstanding community leaders involved, continue to develop relationships within and contribute to this community which I have grown to love and think of as home.”

Frank Esquilin
“I have lived in the community for 28 years and have been involved in a number of different things with Crow Hill. I would like to run for the board because I think it’s time for a change. I am particularly interested in accountability and transparency in Crow Hill.”

Constance Nugent Miller
“I became active with Crow Hill after seeing my neighborhood drastically changing. I participated in outreach for all the town hall meetings. What motivated me to run for a board position was because I wanted a broader view of opinions and ideas to be brought to the table for discussion. I also wanted to incorporate a larger cross section of the community to volunteer and participate in building our new community. My promise to my community is one of openness and willingness to work with all groups of people. My slogan is: Diversity, Collaboration & Community.”

Josh Thompson
“My time living among the Crow Hill community has been relatively short, but I recognized that this was a special neighborhood almost immediately. I enjoy what it is today, but it is the rich history that gives it such a unique character. As a member of the Crow Hill Community Association Board, I want to help build on the accomplishments of those who worked tirelessly before me and help make this a neighborhood in which everyone feels comfortable.”

New By-laws (Round 2)

Thank you to everybody who submitted feedback on our by-laws! The board has made edits to the by-laws based on the questions and suggestions submitted. You can read the updated by-laws below.

During our November meeting, there will be time allotted for any questions about the by-laws. At the end of this time, the board will request that a motion to accept the by-laws be made. If the motion is made and seconded, the by-laws will be adopted.

If adopted, the by-laws will be posted on our website in final form.

Merchants Who are “Keeping It Clean”

crowhill_keepingitcleanPlease help us to support these merchants. They recognize that having sidewalks and streets that are free of litter is good for their business, their customers, and our community.

Interested in becoming a “Keeping it Clean” Merchant?  FILL OUT THIS FORM.

Mike Perry Studios designer, artist 925 Bergen St, Suite 308
Kelso Bistro bar and restaurant 648 Franklin
Owl & Thistle General Store gift store 720 Franklin
Lily & Fig bakery and tea shop 727 Franklin
Little Zelda coffee shop 728 Franklin
Wedge cheese shop 728 Franklin
Cool Pony vintage clothes, etc 733 Franklin
HAD Associates accountant 737 Franklin
739 Franklin Ave bar and lounge 739 Franklin
wino(t) wine shop 796 Franklin

These merchants participate in one of these 3 programs:

  1. Adopt-a-Basket Program: Merchant(s) choose a public trash basket to adopt.  DSNY provides plastic liners and the merchant(s) remove and replace the liner whenever it’s ¾ full, leaving the tied liner next to the basket.
  2. Sponsor-a-Basket Program: Merchant(s) sponsor — that is, buy via DSNY — a new-styled public trash basket, like one next to Bob & Bettys. The merchant(s) can contribute directly towards a basket or can raise money via customers/events/etc.
  3. “Keeping it Clean” Block Program: Merchants work together to regularly clean & monitor their block. Each block decides how it works together. For example, merchants could commit 1 staff hour a week to clean the sidewalks of participating merchants.

What “Keeping it Clean” Merchants Are Up To

Adopt-a-Basket Franklin & Park SW corner 1 merchant interested, wants to share responsibility with others.
Sponsor-a-Basket Franklin & Bergen NW 1 merchant $X raised
Sponsor-a-Basket Franklin & Park NW 2 merchants $X pledged
Sponsor-a-Basket Franklin & St Johns SW
Franklin & Eastern SW
1 merchant $X pledged
Block Program Franklin btw Bergen and St Marks 1 merchant (interested, needs others)
Block Program Franklin btw Park & Sterling 7 merchants (active)
Block Program Franklin btw St Johns & Eastern 1 merchant (interested, needs others)

How CHCA Promotes & Supports “Keeping it Clean” Merchants

  • Recognizing “Keeping it Clean” merchants on its website.
  • Passing out a flyer listing “Keeping it Clean” merchants at each monthly meeting and at other local events.
  • Issuing press releases at least twice a year listing “Keeping it Clean” merchants and activities.
  • Providing merchants with a framed certificate to hang.
  • Keeping merchants supplied with free, laminated “No Flyers” placards for their customers.
  • Providing merchants with donation boxes for customer to contribute to Sponsoring-a-Basket at the merchant’s corner of choice.
  • Managing email lists to allow “Keeping it Clean” merchants, and individual Block Programs, to communicate with each other and with CHCA.

How YOU Can Promote & Support “Keeping it Clean” Merchants:

  • Patronize these merchants.
  • FILL OUT THIS FORM (not yet active) to donate funds to help Sponsor-a-Basket or volunteer to help Adopt-a-Basket.
  • Do your part to keep our neighborhood free of litter. See DSNY flyer.

New CHCA By-Laws

Over the summer, the board revised CHCA’s by-laws. Below we have a first draft available for you to review. We want to stress that this is a DRAFT. We’ll be seeking input from CHCA members and others who are experienced in community organizations like ours.

Please review the draft, and if you have any suggestions for edits and/or additions, submit them in writing to chca@crowhillcommunity.org by October 1, 2013. Make the subject line of your email “CHCA by-law suggestions.”

The board will collect and review all submissions and aim to have a more final version ready for review at the October meeting.

CHCA By-Laws (DRAFT) by crowhillcommunity