March, 2014

Introductions of Executive Board officers and their roles.

Frank Esquilin, President:

Who we are and what we are going to do in the community with a focus on getting the community more involved. Stressed the need for everyone in the community to involve.

Paul Carson, Vice President:

Spoke about organizing a job fair with local merchants. Still thinking about how it would work, but he has gotten favorable responses from Asia Dog, Monatgue BBQ and the Beer Garden, opening at 1000 Dean Street.

Spoke about his role as a land use consultant and ideas about how to get developers to come to CHCA first instead of the Community Board.

Josh Thompson, Secretary:

Spoke about being responsible for CHCA communication via the website and social media in addition to taking meeting minutes. This includes keeping people up to date on CB8 and Police Precinct 77 happenings.

Joanna Crispe, Treasurer:

Spoke about her role as treasurer. She plans on providing a full treasurer’s report at the next meeting since she has been out of town and is still trying wrap her head around the finances. She will also be responsible for maintaining the membership base. The current tally, as of the last meeting when payments were received, is 24. She explained that the new Board has decided to start fresh and count only those who paid at the last meeting when elections took place.

Constance Nugent-Miller, Project Manager:

Announced her position as Project Manager. This will involve organizing committees and finding appropriate chairs, which were formed through the Town Halls that were held in 2013.

She announced the four committees that CHCA currently has, beginning with Community Outreach, led by her and Lisha Bai. Political Engagement will be led by Justin Rogers-Cooper. Youth Engagement will be led by Sue, who helped organize the Halloween party last year. She will also partner with Judy to organize a Tree Giveaway in May. Go Green is another committee, but does not currently have a chair.

She also spoke about getting t-shirts made for Crow Hill to make her more identifiable in the street and also for the use of possible fundraising. She spoke about the book club, which she has been running. Next meeting is April 5th and the Calibar Imports. She also spoke about organizing a Women’s Group and children’s reading series down the road. Go Green is another committee, but the chair is vacant presently. She ended by acknowledging our seniors and disabled who have given so much to the community and deserve a program or event in their honor.

Ayelet Prizant and Marcus Allison, the new bloggers for the Crow Hill website.

Short Term Goals of the new Board:

  • Get each member to give us one hour per month.
  • Remove illegally placed clothe donation boxes, which will require help from the community to call 311 and then email with your reference #. This will give us more weight when we call.
  • Neighborhood yard sale to prevent people from putting stuff out that gets left on the street. It will also help neighbors meet each other.
  • CHCA Scholars Program, for which information can be found on the CHCA website.
  • Summer jobs for youth in the community is another goal
  • Reactivation of the Franklin Avenue Merchants.
  • Provide a forum for people to advertise on our website.

Long Term Goal:

  • Get the MTA to install an elevator at the Franklin Avenue subway stop.

New Segments for General Meetings:

  • Have long-term residents speak about the history of the neighborhood to give some perspective and history of the neighborhood. This week’s speaker was Ken Cook, who spoke about his time on Vanderbilt Ave where he ran a program sponsored by the Public Developments Program, which provided funding for merchants to improve their property. Although the funding ran out, he was still able to recognize a positive change in people’s attitude. He spoke about how different it was between Eastern Parkway and Bergen and between Bergen and Atlantic. He spoke about how impressed he is with Franklin Avenue’s development over the last ten years and encourage people to cherish it’s new found beauty work to maintain it. He also noted how much the membership of CHCA has grown (it used to only be about a handful of people) and he is really encouraged by what it has become. He also spoke about the importance of block watching.
  • “Did You Know?”, which will be led by Mike Fagan, who will provide fun facts and information about things happening in the community that may not be widely-known. Mike could not be in attendance this month, so Frank did it himself. He talked about the Dept. of Transportation’s plans of putting a bike lane on Franklin Avenue and encouraged people to keep their eye out for upcoming meetings. Second, there is a new program by the MTA giving real time information on bus locations. Paul noted you can find it online under BusTime and Josh mentioned there is also a smart phone app that costs $2.99.


Kisi Motley, the Brooklyn Borough Director of the Mayor’s Community Affairs Department

Spoke about the Mayor’s full day universal pre-k for every 4 year old in the city, which Ayelet Prizant has written about for the CHCA blog.

Big fight has been to push people to call their elected officials in Albany to support their plan. The Assembly included the Mayor’s plan with the “soy latte” tax in their budget proposal while the state Senate included $540 million for five years, which is “essentially the Mayor’s plan without the tax”, which is fine with them. She handed out a one page pamphlet with more info. as well as a phone number with which they can reach their elected officials. Asked people who support it to thank them for supporting it, but to also remind them that we are paying attention. The vote on the state budget is taking place on March 27th. She then took questions.

Ms. Bernadine mentioned that this plan does not mandate universal pre-k and asked if the Mayor will push for it. Ms. Motley could not speak to that, but mentioned that community-based organizations will be instrumental in providing space with around 600 already submitting applications. These spaces will also provide certified teachers who will be supervised by the Dept. of Education.

A member asked about how charter schools will be handled, to which Ms. Motley said “we are going to what is best for the kids”. She also mentioned how they will not be doing some of the things that the previous administration had done. She gave examples like putting elementary school students in the same building as high school students, displacing special needs kids, letting large construction projects go forward that hinder the schools’s ability to function.

A clipboard was then passed around for people to provide their emails to stay informed about the progress of the Mayor’s plan.

Laurie Cumbo, City Councilwoman

Only been in office for 2.5 months, so right now she is just trying to listen and gather information.

Announced that Friday, March 21st was the deadline for submitting requests for discretionary funding from the City Council.

In the midst of making appointments to the Community Board.

Budgetary concerns are a priority right now for the City Council.

Newly elected members of the Brooklyn delegation: Carlos Menchaca and Darlene Meely. They will be setting out the guidelines for how they’re going to take funding requests for Brooklyn-wide delegation items.

Suggested we design comprehensive plan with neighboring organizations and Community Boards in order to bring together all the different things that organizations within the community are working on.

Spoke about her goal as a member of the Youth Services Committee, along with City Councilman Matthew Eugene, to provide every applicant that is qualified should be given a summer job. This is important because the summer is when youths are more susceptible to criminal activity since they have nothing to occupy their time. Also wants to make sure that arts is an integral component, given her background in the arts.

Qualified applicants must be between 14 and 24 and undergo a medical examination, among other things. Can’t realistically get all 140,00 of those students a job, with such obstacles as municipal labor contracts, but hopes to at least double the numbers.

Sue asked about having schools be open during the summer and for longer hours to provide kids with more places to go. This was one of the topics that came out during the Town Hall Meetings. Ms. Cumbo is still trying navigate the waters to get a sense of how to accomplish that.

A member asked about Participatory Budgeting (PB). Ms. Cumbo said new members can’t do it, so she is hoping to roll it out for next year. She explained the basic premise of PB, which is that each City Council district gets $1 million for projects that the community gets to vote on. She wants to make sure she has the staff to handle that, but she is fully in favor of PB.

A member asked about the Bedford-Union Armory. Ms. Cumbo stressed that it will get done by the end of this term. She used this as an example of why a comprehensive plan is necessary.

Jesse Hamilton, former legal attorney to former State Senator Eric Adams and President of Lincoln Civic Block Association (LCBA):

Talked about being in the third phase of landmarking that LCBA is working on. He also noted that, despite the 20th State Senate seat being vacant, they have kept the office open. He also mentioned his involvement with the New Academy in East New York in which there is four core teachers teaching 60 students over the course of five years. This, they believe is a successful model because it gives the students continuity, as oppose to having five new teachers every year.

Ede Fox, CB8 Chair of the Environmental and Sanitation Committee:

Spoke about her role as the CB8 Chair of the Environmental and Sanitation Committee, which holds its meetings at CNR on the third Tuesday every month at 7pm. Repeated the message about calling 311 when one has an issue.

A member mentioned a broken water pipe at the corner of Classon and Park Place, which he called 311 about, but has not seen anything happen with. Ede urged him to reach out to her committee and encourage other people to call 311.

*Going forward, we ask that for those that want to speak at our meetings, please give us a heads up, so we can post it on our agenda and people can come prepared to ask questions.

Petition to Help Get Sasha Pierre-Louis Promoted to Detective.

This will be an online petition for a police officer who has been serving the community for 16 years as a Community Affairs office and has had a hard time getting promoted to detective. A petition will be put on our website to get Commissioner Bratton to make that promotion.

Frank motioned to close the meeting, which was seconded by a member at 8:50pm.

CHCA Meeting Minutes: September 2013

President Eve Porter welcomes the community back from the summer break.

Julie Whitaker explained the process the Board went through to draft new by-laws and instructions for submitting suggestions for edits.

Updates from workgroups
Sue Boyle explains that the workgroups formed from the town hall meetings in March 2013. They workgroups have acted independently of CHCA over the summer, and will determine whether they want to become part of CHCA this fall.

Livable Neighborhood
Updates from Judy B. on the trash assessment done over the summer. The group will cooperate with the sanitation department to test whether more or fewer bins on an intersection impacts the amount of trash in the area. They will also be soliciting community feedback on what kind of issues they have with trash collection and sanitation in the neighborhood. The group is looking for volunteers who can join the group and commit and hour or two a week.

Laurie Cumbo, our new 35th District council member, introduced herself to the community.

Community Engagement
Updates from Constance on the goals of the group, to make our neighborhood feel like a community where people know each other and say hello. The group is working to put up a bulletin board for announcements about what’s happening in the neighborhood. There’s a Community Engagement Book Club that meets at 7PM on the second Tuesday of every month at Calibar Imports. There’s also a women’s social group meeting every Friday night from 7 – 10PM at Calibar Imports (704 Franklin Ave.)

Youth Engagement
The fourth annual Franklin Ave. Halloween parade is coming up in October. Kids of all ages are welcome to attend. It’s currently scheduled for October 27th at 3PM, we start at the community garden on Dean St. between Franklin and Classon Aves.

Other announcements:

  • The 77th Precinct Auxiliary Unit is looking for volunteers. Call 718-735-0675 to speak with Lt. Campo.
  • Election for Board Members will happen in January.
  • A community member announced that the 77th precinct is interested in recruiting Block Watchers. He explained the program to the community and asked for recruits. The Block Watcher orientation is giving by the precinct. Once you complete it, you’re given a card with a Block Watcher ID number.

Board Members will be elected in January 2014, next month ballots will be available to nominate candidates.

The need for a Chairperson of the Franklin Ave. Merchants group was raised. The Board will discuss with merchants how to best handle that process and report back.

CHCA Meeting Minutes: April 2013

APRIL 16, 2013


President Even Hill opens meeting with introduction of board members

Summary and wrap up of Town Hall meeting in March


New York Landmarks Conservancy (NYLC) – Blair

Historic Districts Council – Frampton

Crown Heights North Association – Debora

Introduction to NY Landmarks Conservancy

Introduction to Historic Districts Council

CHCA presentation on historically significant buildings in the neighborhood and an overview of the CHCA landmarking process to date.

- First landmarking informational meeting held in 2008.

- Landmarking discussions continued at monthly CHCA meetings.

- Second informational meeting held in 2009.

- In 2012 formal landmarking proposal made

Presentation on buildings of note in the community.

Questions from the community:

Would landmarking encourage people to sell their properties, allowing the new owners to change the building?

- Once a building is landmarked, it’s landmarked in perpetuity. Even if the building is sold, it remains landmarks.

Does landmarking increase the costs of making changes to buildings?

- It can, depending on the changes you’re making. But there are groups that provide incentives, grants, and loans for renovations on landmarked buildings.

What’s the process for doing exterior changes on a landmarked buildings?

- Process of exterior changes – submit a one-page request for a permit. Most permits are submitted within a week’s time.

Could the cost of landmarking be passed down to renters?

- There are tax incentives for landmarking programs (J-51), which can prevent the any costs from trickling down to renters.

Does landmarking prevent buildings from being taken by the city as eminent domain?

- Landmarking makes it much more difficult for buildings to be taken by eminent domain.

Does landmarking only concern the front of the building?

- Landmarks regulates the full exterior: front, back, side, roof. The rear of the building is regulated much more loosely.

What if you have already made modern changes to a building, would you have to change them back once it was landmarked?

- When a building is landmarked, everything already done to the building is grandfathered in.


Zoning is a set of regulations governing the size and shape of new construction as well as the use of a property.

Goals of the rezoning study:

- Maintain the existing scale and character of the neighborhood

- Create incentives for development of affordable housing

- March commercial zoning to retail character

Rezoning Proposal:

- Establishes height limits for the entire rezoning area that would facilitate context sensitive development.

- Identifies areas that can accommodate modest growth for application of Inclusionary Housing Program.

- Updates existing commercial zoning to match underlying land use and lot configuration.

CHCA Meeting Minutes: November 2012

Eve introduces Crow Hill and the board members.

The new building being built at Franklin Ave. and Eastern Parkway is supposed to be a residential building with affordable units. But plans could change as it’s being built.

The third annual Franklin Ave. Halloween parade was very successful, with more than 50 kids in attendance.

Crow Hill organized a collection for Sandy Relief.

Jesse Hamilton with State Senator Eric Adams
- Working to prosecute landlords offering people money to move out or making conditions terrible for people who won’t move out.
- Rapid Realty
- Housing count judge can come out and speak to residents about what their rights are.
- Occupy Wall St. organized a rally in front of MySpace Realty
- HPD for renters rights

Walter T. Mosely, district
- Spoke at Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce about needing chamber to be more responsive to corridors like Franklin Ave. and coordinating with groups like Crow Hill.
- Will keep Crow Hill updated on efforts to reform the housing court.

Hakeem Jeffries representative brought Macy’s parade tickets.

Committee breakout at future meeting.

CHCA Meeting Minutes: September 2012

The meeting of the Crow Hill Community Association was held on September 18, 2012, 7:30 PM at The Gospel Tabernacle Church, 725 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

In attendance: 30

  • Vice President Stacey Sheffey opens the meeting and welcomes attendees.
  • Summer activities in the neighborhood:
    • The 5th Annual Kids Day was a huge success, with waterslides, face-painting, popcorn, cotton candy, and lots of happy kids and adults from across the neighborhood. See some great photos – are linked to on our website.
    • The Landmarks Preservation Committee has voted to create the Park Place Historic District between Bedford and Franklin Avenues.  CHCA began its landmarking effort in 2008 and this is the first portion of our community to gain landmark status. You can learn more of the history of the block on our website.
    • Art Not Arrests held art classes over the summer for kids in the neighborhood — dance, music, instrument making, theater, painting, creative writing, drawing, and more — and donated the money raised over the year to the SOS program.
    • Franklin Avenue Merchants received an honorable mention in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Greenest Block in Brooklyn competition for Franklin Avenue between Park Place and Sterling Place.
    • Green Market was held every Sat. At the Walt Shamel Community garden on Dean St between Franklin and Bedford Still going every Saturday 8am- 2pm until October 27.
  • Walter Mosely, newly elected assemblyman, on quality of life issues in the neighborhood:
    • A bus and bike lane will be added to Franklin Ave. The two car lanes on the avenue may become one. The goal is to make the avenue more safe for everybody on the road.
    • Looking into the speed bump on Prospect Pl. which is currently too big due to the pavement sinking.
    • Tree guards have been added to Sterling Pl. between New York and Nostrand Ave.
  • Jonathan Butler, Brooklyn resident, is starting a project at 1000 Dean St. between Franklin and Classon Ave.
    • A space will be created for small businesses and artists, which will hopefully be open in spring 2013.
    • The ground floor of the building will be turned into a restaurant for small food businesses looking to graduate from the Brooklyn Flea into a space of their own.
    • 25-30 positions will be available in the restaurant, and they will be working with Crow Hill to hire from within the community.
    • A space will be available to rent for events, and the space may be available for use in the afternoons for community events.
  • Mike Perry, a local artist, is opening a three-month community exhibition called Wandering Around Wondering. Learn more.
    • If you know of a wall that would be available for a mural, contact
    • Looking into making connections with schools to do murals or have art workshops for local classes.
  • Rene Collymore, assembly female district leader
    • Interested in setting up a Franklin Ave. farm stand.
    • Running a civics program for children in middle schools, looking for volunteers.
    • Contact: 917-353-2990,
  • A representative Tish James’ office: On Sept. 19 there will be a meeting on the landmark status of Park Pl.
  • CB8 is hosting an e-waste collection on Saturday, Sept. 22 in front of the Childrens Museum Saturday 10 – 5pm

CHCA Meeting Minutes: May 2012

The meeting of the Crow Hill Community Association was held on April 17, 2012, 7:30 PM. The located was moved from The Gospel Tabernacle Church to the back room at 739 Franklin.

Kelly from the Greene Hill Food Coop came to talk to the community.

  • Has over 1000 members
  • You can work your Park Slop Coop hours at the Greene Hill Coop
  • Dedicated to providing healthy, sustainable, local produce to anyone who wants access to it. Accepts WIC, EBT, and other food assistance programs.
  • Open Wed 6- 10 , Sat 10a – 6pm
  • Work commitment: 2 hours/month
  • Located at Putnam & Fulton, close to Franklin Ave stop on the C train.
  • More info at

Community Garden

  • The CHCA community garden on Franklin Ave. has to close because the lot is being sold.
  • CHCA is looking into partnering with the Dean St garden  (between Franklin & Bedford) for future projects.

Go Green/Go Clean committee

  • The Franklin Ave merchants will be entering the Greenest Block contest.

Art Not Arrests

  • The Dean St garden (between Franklin & Bedford) has taken on the Art Not Arrests installation and summer programs planned for kids in the community.
  • Still looking for teachers for new classes.
  • If you teach painting, drawing, crafts, or other projects kids might be interested in, please contact Arts Not Arrests.
  • If you have contacts in the community that can help us reach out to schools and kids, please let us know so that we can raise awareness about the summer programs that are being planned.

Mike Fagan on behalf of SOS Crown Heights

  • Youth program is searching for internships for kids 14-17 years old.
  • If you have a business or work in an office setting, talk to Mike.

Community Youth Mentoring Program

  • A community member is working on starting a youth mentorship program, if you’re interested in volunteering, mentoring, or getting updates, visit

CHCA board elections

  • Nominations and elections for the board will happen during the June meeting.
  • If you’re a dues paying member, you can be nominated for and/or vote for the board.

Take Back Our Community

  • A program started by Senator Adams has been started to organize community members block-by-block.
  • If you’re interested in organizing with people on your block, contact CHCA for support.

Summer Farmers Market

  • June 20 – August 30 at the Dean St garden.
  • More information to come.

CHCA Meeting Minutes: April 2012

The meeting of the Crow Hill Community Association was held on April 17, 2012, 7:30 PM at The Gospel Tabernacle Church, 725 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

  • President Eve Porter opens the meeting with a welcome to first-time attenders and board introductions.
  • Officers from the 77th Precinct were present to meet with the community. The precinct is located at Bergen & Utica, with another location at Dean & Flatbush.
  • Sergeant Carmacho and Officer Joseph from the precinct introduced themselves to the community and warned that apartment burglaries are on the rise.
  • Laptops and game systems are the main priority for theft.
  • It’s recommended that residents change the locks when they move into a new apartment, because many installed locks for apartments are flimsy.
  • Another recommendation was to reinforce locks on windows.
  • Residents were also advised to be more aware when they exit the subway, instead of immediately opening their phones.
  • You can call the 77th precinct and ask the crime prevention officer to survey your apartment for security issues. 718-735-0634
  • A building owner can sign up for the FTap program, which allows officers to go in the building and ask people if they are residents.
  • Residents can have drinks on the roof of a building if the owner of the building has given permission.
  • The Brooklyn Bike Patrol is a volunteer program is available to escort people home in Brooklyn. Sunday-Thursday 8PM-12AM, Friday & Saturday 8PM-3AM. Call 718-744-7592,,,
  • Shalawn Langhorne, vice chair with CB8, talked about the Take Back Our Community (TBOC) initiative. If community members are interested in forming a block association, contact CHCA:
  • Board member Sue gave an update on three big real estate projects happening in the neighborhood:
  • The lot at Eastern Parkway & Franklin sold and there is a new rendering of the plans for that space.
  • At Dean & Bergen between Franklin & Classon: 1) The Nassau Brewery complex is getting ready to start phase one of the revocation of the older buildings, resulting in 20 commercial units. 2) A 150 Sq ft warehouse will now be developed into commercial spaces with a beer garden and performance space on the ground floor.
  • If you know somebody who is licensed for construction, electrical work, etc, put them in touch with CHCA and we can make sure the developers of these spaces consider hiring locally.
  • Residents should be proactive about bringing commercial spaces that you want to see in the neighborhood.
  • The Go Green/Go Clean CHCA committee will be doing a cleanup and planting day on Saturday, May 5th. Meet at 10AM – 12 PM, meet at the community garden.
  • SOS is seeking summer internships for their youth program in Crown Heights. If you work in a setting, especially an office setting, please contact SOS.
  • The Lower East Side Ecology Center recycles electronics. In the fall, they will be coming to Crown Heights. More details to come.

CHCA Meeting Minutes: February 2012

The meeting of the Crow Hill Community Association was held on February 21, 2012, 7:30 PM at The Gospel Tabernacle Church, 725 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

  • President Eve Porter opens the meeting with a welcome to first-time attenders and board introductions. This month’s meeting will be an open forum for the community.
  • Safe In This Place
    Julia Taylor from Safe In This Place, a Franklin Ave. theater & dialogue project, announced that the final sharing of the group will be available on March 8 from 7:30 – 9:30 at St Theresa’s Church at 563 Sterling Pl. More info.
  • Art Not Arrest
    Lana and Kristen from Ground Up Designs announced that they raised the funds needed to complete the project. They brought a sample of what the structure will look like in the CHCA community garden. They are looking for merchants to host a box of the zip-ties so that people can donate money for art classes. If you want to host an art class, get in touch with Lana and Kristen: or 347.722.1659. They are looking for kids who need community service for school credit to intern for the project. One community member suggested connecting with the police reform organizing project.
  • Bike Racks on Franklin Ave.
    Judy, a volunteer with Transportation Alternatives, talked about their effort to get more bike parking in the neighborhood, particularly on Nostrand Ave. and areas east of Franklin. They will be doing a community survey to see where bike racks are needed and are feasible. New bike lanes are coming on Washington Ave. They are having a volunteer day on Saturday, March 3, 2 – 5 PM to take measurements and gather the support of businesses with a good spot in front for bike parking. RSVP to Judy ( to let them know what time you’re available. Sign the online petition.
  • Subway Elevator
    A community member asked what could be done to get an elevator or escalator for the subway entrance at the Franklin Ave subway stop. Another community member said that it was scheduled to put an elevator in, but the MTA is so far behind on the project. Eve Porter said we could also talk to Community Board 2 about advocating for more frequent bus service.
  • Community Message Board
    CHCA volunteers are posting updates on the message boards on the community garden and at the subway entrance on Franklin. Information about hoisting, health services, job training, etc. are posted there on a regular basis.
  • Pawn Shop on Park Pl
    CHCA forwarded the community complaints to Tish James’ office. For those that don’t want the pawn shop in the neighborhood, call 311 to make a complaint that there is a pawn shop in an area not zoned for such a business. Make sure you give them the address: 711A Park Pl.
  • District Leader Olanike Alabi
    The presidential primary will be on April 24, and the congressional primary will be June 26 (moved from September). There is not yet a final date set for the state primary, there’s a bill in the assembly to also have it on June 26. Redistricting is taking place this year based on the census. The task force responsible for redrawing the lines issued their first draft, which Gov. Cuomo has not signed off on. The committee will issue another set by March 1. You can see the current status online.

CHCA Meeting Minutes: January 2012

The meeting of the Crow Hill Community Association was held on January 17, 2012, 7:30 PM at The Gospel Tabernacle Church, 725 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

  • Introduction of board members.
  • Recognition of community members attending for the first time.
  • MLK Day service:
    CHCA had a cleanup on Franklin Ave. to mark Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. About 12 people attended to clean up garbage on the avenue and add mulch in the CHCA planter boxes. The Candy Rush donated hot beverages for everybody after the cleanup.
  • Bike parking:
    Transportation Alternatives has started a petition to get more bike racks and corals in the community board 8 region. A representative, Judy, took suggestions from the community to promote the petition, and asked that CHCA endorse efforts for more bike parking.
  • Safe In This Place:
    CHCA is partnering with Safe In This Place to promote dialog in the neighborhood about public safety. The first session was last week and will continue for nine more weeks on Thursdays. On the week of March 8th the group will have a public sharing on what they did during the workshops. For more information, contact Julia at or 708-408-2004.
  • Garden project:
    Ground Up Designers presented their garden installation project initiated after the shootings in the neighborhood over Labor Day. It’s an awareness raising effort for gun violence issues that will also be a fundraising platform. An art installation will go up in the community garden in the spring, and grow throughout the summer. The installation will be made of color versions of the plastic zip-ties used by the police force as handcuffs. Ground Up took general questions and feedback from the community and asked for recommendations of organizations that the money raised could be donated to. You can see a video on the project here.
  • Armory update:
    • CHCA board member Nina explained the history of the Armory at Bedford & Atlantic and talked about Coalition for Bedford Atlantic Armory Reform (CBAAR) and it’s mission.
    • Two CHCA board members attended a meeting that was held last week about creating a community center in the Armory on Union and Bedford. Marty Markowitz said that plans are still on the table for the Bedford/Atlantic armory, but that there are existing services there that make it a harder situation. Tish James said that $14 million dollars had been allocated to the Bedford/Atlantic armory. That plan is on hold for now, and efforts with the Bedford/Union project will move for first. You can sign up for updates on the armory here, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
    • Board member Nina asked the community if there was anybody interested in being a representative for CHCA on the Bedford/Union armory project.
  • Community organizations:
    Board Member Sue gave an update on the clothing & toiletry drive CHCA did in December. The items were delivered to Kianga House and the Bedford Armory Assessment Center. CHCA wants to keep supporting these organizations throughout the year, and also collect toys & books for the Haitian Day Care Center on Bedford Ave. A resource list of non-profits and social services in the community has been posted to the CHCA website here.
  • Community outreach:
    Board member Julie asked for a volunteer to post updates from the CHCA blog about things like housing, health services, education, etc. to the bulletin board located at Franklin Ave and Eastern Parkway.
  • Elected officials:
    • District Leader Walter Mosley talked about the central Brooklyn voter registration drive, concentrating on ex-offenders, young people voting for the first time, displaced individuals who have moved from one community to another, and new residents. He offered voter registration forms at the meeting and let the community know that the New York State primary will probably happen on June 26th this year. He also talked about his initiative to cut down on theft of electronics by requiring that resellers ask for proof of ownership before reselling electronics.
    • Lee Church from State Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries‘ office gave an announcement on the state of the district address happening at Pratt on Thursday, January 26, at 6:30 PM. RSVP at 718-596-0100 or
    • A representative from the Crown Heights Mediation Center and Save Our Streets announced an arts festival happening in the spring. Artists 19 and younger can submit projects for cash prizes, the submission deadline is April 5th, 2012. For more information, contact Anthony at 718-773-6886 or

CHCA Meeting Minutes: November 2011

The meeting of the Crow Hill Community Association was held on November 15, 2011, 7:30 PM at The Gospel Tabernacle Church, 725 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

  1. Introduction and mention of membership dues
  2. Bike Lane Proposal sent to CB8 Traffic & Transportation Committee:  We collected over 335 signatures from the community (300+ on paper petitions and 36 gathered via email) in support of this proposal.  We also submitted two renderings showing before & after views of the proposal from both a street level and a birds-eye perspective. Thank you to Manuel Avila & Danny Garwood for creating the renderings
  3. Susan: Halloween Parade update
  4. Julie: Offline community announcements
  5. Safe in This Place Project: Jessie, Jessica & Julia
  6. Susan: Local Community Resource Guide
  7. Collection for Kianga House
  8. Ask for signatures to be included in the residential parking permit