Political Engagement Committee

What We Do

We are are group of neighbors who are members of Crow Hill and interested in political engagement with the community and our elected representatives. Last year at two well attended Town Halls we gathered people’s thoughts and feelings about the issues that concerned them most. These issues are currently our focus for 2014.

Based on the Town Hall data from everyone who attended, these issues include:

  • speeding cars
  • rising rents
  • unfair housing
  • uncontrolled development

We’re going to engage our newly elected political reps on these issues. Our other big goal for 2014 is to increase community participation in this process, which takes shape through community planning meetings and grassroots outreach in our beloved neighborhood.

Join the team and lend your support to get active with the above issues, or help us meet new goals! We need members to attend Community Board meetings, help with social media, reach out to new members, and help find out what the neighborhood needs from us.

A Brief History

The Crow Hill Political Engagement Group formed after the two spring Town Halls in 2013. People who attended the Town Halls who were interested in political outreach came together and discussed their needs and wishes.

The group met several times last summer and then took a hiatus in the fall/winter, in part to wait for new elections to the Crow Hill Executive Board. Since the election of the new Crow Hill Executive Board, we are trying to encourage new members to join us for our 2014 goals. We welcome all forms of participation.

And feel free to fill out the following survey to help us further identify issues that important to the community: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QHJQL6Z


Right now the current contact for the Political Engagement Group is Justin Rogers-Cooper. Justin teaches English at LaGuardia Community College in Queens. He lives on Sterling Place and has worked closely with the current Crow Hill President Frank Esquilin to develop the 2014 group goals. You can reach him at crowhillpolitics@gmail.com. He is pictured here with his son Konrad:JRCKJKC